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Jodie Cady 

Director of Events and CE Marketplace

A demo with Connect Space includes:

  • A short needs assessment to see if we can help. 
  • Introduce you to the Connect Space customer success difference.
  • Walk through what its like to use our event technology.
  • Our pricing difference and details.
  • A short Q&A with our Connect Space team.

"Using this software has exceeded my expectations, and has also provided unique ways to improve the overall event experience."

"We plan numerous events that are a major undertaking and Connect Space has allowed us to streamline everything and save hundreds of labor hours"

Bobby Chasnis

Development & Operations Manager

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Ecosystem (0:55)

Increase your attendee engagement by allowing them a new way to connect

Learn why and how people attend your event with reports that matter

Stop wasting time

Get insight into who is connecting at your event and follow up with them

Mobile (0:55)

Events (0:55)

Insights (0:55)

Let attendees easily create a profile that let’s them benefit at your event

Welcome to a world of event relief! 

The Connect Space Platform

A single platform means no more lost work in spreadsheets and disconnected systems.

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