Explore the Connect Space Hybrid Event Experience

Event Home

An environment for your attendees or members to feel at home when participating at your event. 


Let your sponsors shine. Give them ample amounts of viewership to make their sponsorship worth every penny.


Give your exhibitors the interactive virtual booths they have been longing for with a logo, banner, WYSIWIG editor, social links, and soon the ability talk & chat on video outside of prescheduled meetings.


Connect Space virtual lobby is the perfect place for your attendees to start. Here you can locate general details about the event and begin exploring different areas.

Hybrid Ready

We’ve built a system that suits your style. Connect Space™ has always had community in mind, and that exists both online and in-person. We’ve got the tools to support your community and events no matter how, or where, you decide to build them.

Tickets + Registration

Customizable registration the way you want: Create tier based tickets, individual & group discounts, registrant types (such as Members Only, VIP, Past President, etc.), 

and more.

Agenda Builder

Build out your agenda the way you want. Add speakers, surveys, file attachments, breakout sessions, and limit access based on registration.

Marketing Before & After

Everything you would ever need and more to run an extremely successful event. From the months of planning before to the days of post-event data analysis, we have you covered.


Sometimes you need a logo and a blurb from sponsors, other times you need attendees to apply for an event before giving them access to registration. Our forms can be used for simple to complex needs and allow facilitators to review & submit recommendations.

Custom Pages

Sometimes a standard details page for your event isn't enough. Whether it's detailed venue information & instructions, uploading important files for attendees only, or creating in-depth public sponsor pages, Custom Pages provides endless possibilities and gives you control over who can view them.


Hybrid ready broadcasting is here. Turn video meetings into high production broadcast streams with ease.

Goin’ Live

Broadcast your event & session livestreams directly from inside the platform. Invite and prepare with your speakers "backstage" then once you're ready to broadcast to your audience, it's as simple as clicking a button - Go Live!

Video Meetings

Built-in video meetings provide a way for users to quickly meet & connect with others. With support for camera, mic, screen sharing, and private text chat, participants can communicate in the way they feel most comfortable.

Broadcast Posters

Now you can customize what your sessions will say before, after, and even inbetween if you’d like to take breaks or intermissions. Upload images or gifs. Show off your sponsors before your session begins.

Mobile Optimized

Whether it's our native iOS & Android apps or our mobile-friendly web application, Connect Space is optimized to give your attendees the best experience wherever they go.

Chat about it

Give your attendees the power to share, react, and chat. With automatic filtering and the ability to manually moderate, you have control of your chat.

Screen Sharing

From private 1:1 meetings to sessions broadcasted to thousands of attendees, sharing your screen has become an important part of every virtual event. With the ability share documents, videos with audio, presentations, and plenty more through screen sharing - we've got it covered.


Arguably the most important part of an event is connecting with other people and companies. We’ve put a strong focus on what it means to match at an event.

Peer-to-Peer Matching

Now your attendees can connect how they want to connect. Attendees can link up their email and phone number. It doesn’t stop there though, attendees can set up meetings to learn more about each other.

Virtual Meetings & Chat

Attendees or Members can easily create virtual meetings with video, chat, seeking or providing tags, additional participants, and then set it up for whatever time they would like.

Facilitated Matching

Matches, created by a facilitator, through our smart form questions create a connection point for your buyers to choose who they are interested in meeting with. From there our matchmaking algorithm tool schedules a custom matched meeting.

Custom Tag Structure

Our unique tag system, or your match motivations, allows your attendees to easily communicate what they are seeking and providing.


Curate and cultivate your digital community with a powerful matchmaking system that connects people to opportunities.

Featured Event

Promote the event you want your attendees or members to see. Highlight this event right when they log in on both web and mobile app. Get creative and make a custom banner image.

Form Submissions

Recently submitted forms will simply show up on the attendee dashboard like magic.

Event Listings

Your attendees or members can easily find new or existing event listings. Attendees can toggle from all to mine to see what specific events they are attending. This is great for recurring events.

Attendee + Company Profiles

Allow attendees to expand beyond their personal profile. With Company Profiles, attendees can create a page dedicated to their organization and invite other members to join and centralize their virtual presence.

App Downloads

Once your apps are in their respective Apple and Android stores, the download links will magically appear on the attendee dashboard. Our mobile apps are a true native experience that feels meticulously crafted for the attendee.

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