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Universal opportunities for attendees has never been more important

Virtual / Hybrid Events

Home Base

Turn your event website into a tool that drives your attendees’ experience and adds value to your event. Our technology uses the format of an event website to create opportunities for attendees to Learn, Explore and Grow as they participate in your event.

Tickets + Registration

Agenda Builder

Custom Additional Pages

Attendee + Company Profiles

Web Page Integrations

Registration & Account Integrations

Attendee Profile

Agenda View

Broadcast Online

Zoom + Youtube

Think of us as an extension to your team, one that allows you to use the power of Live Streaming and/or Pre Recording to broadcast your event across many platforms.

Live Streaming

Mobile + Web Platform

Virtual Sessions + Breakouts

Email Updates + Push Notifications

Survey + Polling

Livestream modal w/ID + Password

Livestream buttons

Virtual Handshakes


Take the power of connecting people beyond just the day of your event and build an ecosystem that keeps bringing them back for more opportunity.

Search Attendees & Companies

Match-based Profiles

Double Opt-in Connections

Exterior Communication (email, text, call)

Mobile matches

Mobile connection

Web view to see companies


Smart Forms

Build custom, configured intake flows that collect the data you need without the frustration and confusion of redundancies. One smart form that connects to their ecosystem account to rule them all.

Exhibitor Forms

Speaker Abstracts

RFP reviews with comments

Custom Question Format

Form Builder

User Form

Meetings + Matchmaking

Virtual Meetings

Finding the right virtual business opportunity is like striking gold without having to dig through the mud. With Connect Space you can place your ecosystem members in a virtual or in-person meeting, or let them take the wheel in the Mobile App.

Matchmaking Algorithm

Pre-scheduled Match Meetings

Group Meetings

On-the-fly Meetings


Can I import my registrations from Eventbrite?

Yes and with our integration you can keep them flowing from Eventbrite to Connect Space, just not vice versa.

Do I have to pay per attendee?

No, Connect Space does not charge per attendee. Included with your license is the ability to add unlimited: team members, collaborators, speakers, and attendees. 

Are there ways for me to show value to Sponsors?

Sponsors are the lifeblood of many events. Connect Space provides a number of ways to promote and make Sponsors stand out. You can offer them Sponsored Posts in the mobile app, Sponsor placement within the app and/or website, Sponsored Sessions, and Sponsor tags, just to get started. The possibilities are endless and the opportunity to make them shine at your virtual event can expand their exposure beyond just a live event.

How does this work for LIVE or Hybrid events?

We are an All-In-One tool that can adapt to each type of event you organize. By providing you the tools to make your event fit its style and format, you can organize in-person LIVE, Hybrid, or Virtual events.

Can I make streams available after a session is over?

Yes, we have a marquee banner during the event that displays live and upcoming streams, as well as the ability to view streams that have ended. You can enable the stream to be available after the event so nobody misses a great opportunity to learn, explore, and grow.

Can I have multiple streams up at one time?

Yes, you can run multiple streams and they can be either event wide or session specific. This allows you to create many different experiences for attendees to engage with your speakers and other audience members.

How can I charge for virtual events?

With Connect Space you have many options to provide the value required to warrant charging for a virtual experience. We do this by allowing you to limit access to specific content based on whether an individual has an account within your ecosystem and/or requiring an event registration.

Is the mobile app native or web-based?

We believe in cross-device usage for our entire platform. As a result, we offer our both web-based tools in a mobile format and native iOS & Android mobile apps that are directly connected and synced with the rest of our platform. 

Can I set up a virtual meeting for my attendees?

Yes, we have created an entire Matched Meetings platform that allows you to create pre-scheduled meetings based on matchmaking criteria, while also allowing attendees to connect and set up meetings on their own. A Hosted Buyer event’s DREAM All-In-One platform! 

Do I have to pay per event?

No! On the contrary, we encourage teams to create many events and challenge them to improve attendance counts. Connect Space was built to create opportunities regardless of an organization's financial restrictions. In our minds, it doesn’t make sense to charge our teams for growing and achieving their event goals.

Join the teams exploring the modern event frontier.

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